My Huffington Post Experience

We've all read and seen the feelgood animal stories at Huffington Post so I thought I would like to share one of my experiences that happened a couple of days ago at CAS

I had arrived at Causes for Animals to photograph the adoption photos which I always look forward to :  ) On this particular visit however, I was just packing up my gear when I was advised there was one more dog inside - Mary
Mary is a black street dog. Having lived her life on the streets the center provided new challenges for her. The noise from other dogs barking, doors banging and traffic passing by was a whole new world. As I entered the exercise area she instantly began pacing, trying to hide and panting, all signs of stress. I crouched down and sat silently, occasionally talking to her. After she showed sighs of calming down I tried a couple of photos.......terrible. I suggested that maybe today was not the day...........

At this stage Mary trotted up for a calming pat then she looked back at me. I was just about to put my camera away a final time and I thought, maybe one more try. Mary continued to stare at me, but something was different. She stopped panting, was no longer pacing, had turned sideways and was standing to attention.........!!!!! : )

Then her face broke into the sweetest little smile. I quickly took a couple of photos and then thanked her for being so co-operative. As I moved to pick up my gear........ Mary turned to face me and took a couple of steps towards me.......

Again her face broke into the sweetest smile, and she allowed me to capture a photo that has become one of my favorites. I don't know why she suddenly made the decision to trust me. Maybe she realised I was just one of the many people at CAS trying to help her. Whatever the reason I think you can see there is something special about Mary
Hopefully others will see this also and she will find her forever home. I will certainly be sending her positive vibes : )