Momo the Cat

How could you just walk away.......

How could you just walk away.......

I don't like to post negative things..... but this ends with a happy ending, so here goes. I recently had the unfortunate experience of having to rescue a cat. This was no stray, in fact it was our neighbours who moved out over Christmas. Problem was they had forgotten to take him, in fact, they even left the filthy shipping crate on the deck (which turned out to be a good thing). Yes, poor Momo had been abandoned

After capturing him, I checked the crate and found his name and the company that had shipped him. After a call I found out he was 5, desexed and underweight. We also managed to track down the owners who didn't want him : (

However after a trip to the vet and a shampoo, Momo was once again very happy. Through Causes for Animals I placed an adoption notice, and we found the best parents for Momo ever. I have just received an update and some photo's of him and he is a very happy camper

The moral of the story. Pets are for Life.....!!!!!! : )